Introducing An Inter-Galactic Power Struggle – Rise of the Coalition by Todd Marc, Coming Soon!

A new interstellar Sci-fi novel, Rise of the Coalition, is approaching its launch date. Coming from the tech-savvy mind of Todd Marc, the author, this book carries a fictional high-tech narrative mixed with political struggles. The author claims this book is the first addition to The Human Space series, highlighting more additions. 

It portrays itself as a hot take on the consequences of human ambition after achieving sustainable intergalactic travel and survival. With a fictional narrative, this book takes inspiration from historic battles for power and dominance to showcase similar scenarios with intergalactic technology. Therefore, it takes inspiration from the first two world wars.

This book repeats similar scenarios with different players as if retelling history in a sci-fi setting. Like the First and Second World Wars, multiple states gather in a coalition to take down a singular but powerful foe. The coalition and their enemy exchange blame, heating the political climate. While these larger powers dispute control, the smaller nations fear the consequences of their mightier neighbors fighting each other.

Each scenario follows an array of characters with unique personalities and quirks. They enrich the narrative with their interactions and conversations of strategic planning and warmongering. Their interaction unfolds espionage, betrayal, human ambition, and more themes. They collide, develop trust, and fight together and against each other, giving a spectacular performance to entertain the readers.

With a plot that revolves around war and politics set in a high-tech sci-fi theme, it can be a must-read for readers of multiple genres.

Readers interested in reading sci-fi and or even war-based literature can connect with the author on his website. They can follow the progress and get announcements about the book launch there. So, stay tuned because Rise of the Coalition will hit the bookshelves pretty soon! 

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About the Author

As a tech-savvy individual and a connoisseur of sci-fi literature, Todd Marc is stepping into his passion with his new book. With years of reading technically advanced literature, he is now readily stepping into the genre of his dreams. Now, he channels his technical education, historic observation, and imagination into his new series, The Human Space, the first book of which is Rise of the Coalition.

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