AGIQT QUANTIFY LIMITED intelligent quantitative trading system completely changes traditional investment strategies.


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London, UK / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2024 / Blockchain Intelligent Technology Summit / Intelligent technology company AGIQT QUANTIFY LIMITED today announced its 2024 strategic development plan. AGIQT has established long-term and stable strategic cooperation with many international cryptocurrency exchanges. It currently serves BINANCE, COINBASE, HUOBI, OKX, BYBIT, COINCHECK, BITSTAMP, MEXC, LBANK, PHEMEX, KUCOIN and other internationally renowned cryptocurrency exchanges. With the help of AI-driven intelligent quantitative trading strategies, AGIQT has greatly improved users’ investment returns. Looking to the future, AGIQT is committed to further optimizing and enhancing its services to meet the changing needs of the cryptocurrency community.



The main development initiatives in 2024 include:

Opening the AGIQT-3 version: After the joint efforts of the OpenAl technical team, the kernel of AGIQT has been upgraded to ChatGPT4.7. The upgraded AGIQT-3 intelligent robot has a smarter mindset, which can ensure that users can achieve more profits in each quantitative arbitrage. In the future, various versions of AGIQT will be gradually opened to users.


Advantages of intelligent robot leasing investment: No need to log in to quantitative trading every day. By renting an intelligent robot and entrusting the AGIQT intelligent robot to manage it, you can achieve AI full intelligent service. After the corresponding number of days is over, the principal and interest will be directly credited to your wallet account balance.


Technical enhancement: Introducing cryptocurrency filters and custom alerts for trading signals, aiming to provide users with timely and relevant investment opportunities.


Cryptocurrency strategy evolution: Implementing the “cryptocurrency copy trading” strategy to support novice investors by allowing novice investors to imitate the investment strategies of experienced professionals.


Market expansion: Firmly committed to expanding AGIQT’s market influence through participating in industry conferences, establishing strategic alliances, and continuous brand promotion efforts.


Bright future

AGIQT will lead the small number of people to get rich through the crypto market. It will cooperate with people from all walks of life in countries around the world to contribute to economic development and the prosperity of the cryptocurrency market. It will provide employment opportunities for more than 100 million people around the world, provide customers with all-round services, and establish a good reputation.


Are you still envious of the stable capital growth ability of financial giants? Have you ever imagined that one day you would have robots working for you all day? This is AGIQT, and through it, this will no longer be a dream! Here, we redefine the future of the financial world! With a shared data architecture and convenient algorithmic trading foundation, we believe that everyone can become their own asset manager through AGIQT, so that their assets can be safely and steadily increased.


About the company

AGIQT Quantify is headquartered in London, UK. It is currently a professional company with superb technical strength and team integration in Europe. It is a leading force in the field of cryptocurrency quantitative trading. AGIQT is a quantitative trading system based on artificial intelligence technology. Its main feature is to automatically execute trading strategies to maximize investment returns and reduce risks. Specifically, AGIQT converts trading decisions into computer algorithms by automating the execution of preset investment strategies, making the trading process more transparent, efficient, and able to respond quickly to market changes.


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